»knit hack #2«
acrylic yarn, wood, cotton cord, nylon thread
size: ca. 1,50 x 2 m

knitted image in five colors, made with a hand-operated knitting machine from the 1980s.
the piece was made for a show with viola friedrich and lucie marsmann in bielefeld within the 30 years artists unlimited celebration and exhibition.
it is a continuous collaboration and more work & shows will follow!

fun fact: in the making of this piece ca. 27300 m of 1-ply-yarn were knitted :)

i chose some ice cream colors this time
set up and get started
the magical needle beds
due to a delayed wool delivery i had to pull something like a 24-h-knitting-shift and moved to the kitchen to spare my neighbours from the noise
bulldog companion
sewing everything together by hand with a pug friend in werther
rug on rug
setting up at artists unlimited in bielefeld – everyone’s getting ready !
sunny opening day
showing with viola friedrich
and lucie marsmann
this was a fun weekend ! lots of sun, great people & their work, cake, dancing, drinking, confetti, sleepover, meeting old friends… wild & fun!
artists unlimited is a unique house and project that makes bielefeld so very not-boring !