i worked on two projects with the fabulous britt dunse this year. i am very happy that this person came into my life and we now work in the same space and see each other pretty much every day.
she is a film-maker and you can see her work HERE !

»die gurkenbahn« is the second project we worked on together.
in collaboration with my good friend lena frohne (the other half of WOLF & I) i made the illustrations for the animation, we produced some stop-motion-sequences and we made a few props and helped during the shoot in the green screen studio.

joyful times!

the film will be broadcasted on tv channel WDR within the children’s television show »die sendung mit dem elefanten« in 2015.


the stills are borrowed from britt’s website!

you can watch the episode HERE! die gurkenbahn starts at 19’27” !