»all shades of blue«
›remember the powerful feeling‹
60 min
dv pal
germany / iceland

In a few words
All Shades of Blue is a homemade diary-like documentary film about a girl traveling from Germany to New York to meet a boy from Mexico.
This boy has been ruling her heart for the past seven years, even though she has not seen him for the past five ones.
Seven years ago they got to know each other in Mexico, became friends and fell in love.
After two years of being together, and nevertheless being apart, the girl visits him for the last time and shortly after decides that there is no sense in this relationship anymore for as long as they are living on two different continents. So she breaks off contact completely.
In spite of this the boy never stops writing to her every once in a while.
But then she accepts his invitation to come to New York to eventually see him again.
She takes her friend with her, who films their adventures and conversations.
The two girls find the boy, spend time with him and discuss past, present and future of this complicated love story while smoking cigarettes in the park and on the beach, eating bagels in diners, drinking hazelnut vanilla coffee in the metro, on their journey through the city.
Will this transatlantic love have a future chance despite five years of silence and an ocean between their homes?

The film is about this one special person in one’s life.
The person you once had this unique close contact with, that you still feel and believe in, although you haven’t been in touch for a long time.
And it is about the brave decision of finally confronting yourself with the reality of something, that you have been carrying in your heart for many years, having obsessively protected it from outer influences, while it was always serving as a compass of your heart, defining the direction of your life.

About the film-making
The film is a personal, almost private project.
It is a homemade film:
It is made without any budget, equipment or professional help.
Most of the footage was shot during the trip to New York, with an old crappy DV-camera that was passed round the three involved persons.
Additionally some older footage was used, especially a video letter that had been sent from Mexico to Germany in 2001.
The editing and putting together of the story was done by one girl being alone at home with her laptop – in a quite long process of puzzling the pieces of the story together, adding animation and sound.

with material from
mexican tales recorded in 2001 by daniel in mexico
new york tapes recorded in 2006 by anna, karo and daniel in new york
sth frwll tapes recorded in 2003 by anna in germany
butterfly animation animated in 2009 by anna in iceland

all shades of blue
für karo und daniel von anna

dedicated to all the transatlanic lovers and friends
-scattered all over the planet-
who believe in their right to reunite,
the right to be whole again.

thank you
karo | daniel | felix | nina | sösi | mama | papa | oma | lennie | olga | michael | jochen